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Table 4 Final multivariable model, comparing participants with ME/CFS and healthy controls (n = 324)

From: A logistic regression analysis of risk factors in ME/CFS pathogenesis

VariablesOdds RatioStandard Error95% Confidence IntervalP value
Age at survey (in years)–1.080.003
Lower incomea3.711.181.10–6.92< =0.001
Marital status – separated or divorcedb1.841.020.62–5.470.275
Marital status – singleb4.411.772.00–9.71<= 0.001
Family history of anxiety3.771.231.98–7.16<= 0.001
History of frequent colds/flu8.263.463.64–18-77<= 0.001
Infection(s) 6 months before disease onset25.520.35.33–121.760.015
  1. ME/CFS Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  2. aUp to Up to £19,999/year; bthe refence category is married/with partner, i.e. in a stable relationship