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Table 4 General assessment of the correlation between performance of the articulatory organs measured by means of the FDA scale and the VHI based on the degree of speech disorder (comprising total 30-items questionnaire and 3 subscales: physical, functional and emotional) in ALS patients

From: Comparative assessment and monitoring of deterioration of articulatory organs using subjective and objective tools among patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

VHI total 120 items R Spearman physical (P) R Spearman functional (F) R Spearman emotional (E) R Spearman
Cough 0.7472c 0.7177c 0.7333c 0.6962b
Swallowing 0.7732c 0.7648c 0.7367c 0.7560c
Saliva control 0.7069c 0.7081c 0.6777b 0.7022c
Breathing (at rest) 0.5552b 0.5470b 0.5095b 0.5732b
Lips (at rest) 0.6404b 0.6126b 0.6010b 0.6688b
Soft palate (at rest) 0.7927c 0.7741c 0.7833c 0.7212c
Length of phonation 0.5992b 0.5984b 0.5217b 0.5861b
Pitch 0.6945b 0.7014c 0.5741b 0.6254b
Voice volume 0.6360b 0.6695b 0.6233b 0.5644b
Tongue (at rest) 0.7442c 0.7055c 0.7633c 0.7391c
Speech comprehension 0.7190c 0.7042c 0.7352c 0.6568b
Sentence comprehension 0.7871c 0.7882c 0.7670c 0.7275c
Spontaneous speech comprehension 0.7796c 0.7710c 0.7827c 0.7039c
  1. Strength of correlation: aweak positive; bmoderate positive; cstrong positive