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Table 2 Stepwise logistic regression analysis showing independent risk factors of stroke-associated pneumonia

From: Risk of stroke-associated pneumonia during hospitalization: predictive ability of combined A2DS2 score and hyperglycemia

Risk factorsAdjusted OR95% confidence intervalP value
Elderly age (≥75 years old)3.942.77–5.62< 0.001
Male sex1.611.12–2.330.011
Atrial fibrillation3.332.11–5.25< 0.001
NIHSS score (5–15 points)3.952.77–5.62< 0.001
NIHSS score (≥16 points)91.6442.04–199.75< 0.001
Fasting hyperglycemia2.952.11–4.12< 0.001
  1. NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale
  2. The logistic regression analysis results revealed that elderly age (≥75 years old), male gender, atrial fibrillation, dysphagia, an NIHSS score of 5–15 points, NIHSS of ≥16 points, and fasting hyperglycemia were independent risk factors of SAP (P < 0.05)