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Table 3 Modified A2DS2 score (combined conventional A2DS2 score and fasting hyperglycemia)

From: Risk of stroke-associated pneumonia during hospitalization: predictive ability of combined A2DS2 score and hyperglycemia

Clinical characteristics on admissionAssigned points
Elderly age (≥75 years old)+ 1
Male sex+ 1
Atrial fibrillation+ 1
Dysphagia+ 2
Stroke severity 
NIHSS score (5–15 points)+ 3
NIHSS score (≥16 points)+ 5
Fasting hyperglycemia+ 2
  1. NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale
  2. The adjusted OR value of fasting hyperglycemia was 2.95, which was assigned with 2 points in the modified A2DS2 scoring system