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Table 2 Results of SEP study

From: A patient with McLeod syndrome showing involvement of the central sensorimotor tracts for the legs

SEPs with median nerve stimulationSEPs with tibial nerve stimulation
PotentialMontageLatency (ms)Normal limit (ms)PotentialMontageLatency (ms)Normal limit (ms)
(1) N9oEPi-EPc9.69.7(1) N8oPfi-K7.48.7
(2) N11oC5s-Fz11.111.6(2) N21L1 s-Icc21.226.7
(3) N13oC5s-Fz13.313.7(3) P38oCz’-Fz40.738.2
(4) N20oC3’-Fz17.418.0(4) P38Cz’-Fz47.944.7
  Conduction time (ms)   Conduction time (ms) 
CSCT [(4)–(3)] 4.14.8CSCT [(3)–(2)] 19.513.2
  1. SEP somatosensory-evoked potential, CSCT central sensory conduction time
  2. EPi ipsilateral Erb’s point, EPc contralateral Erb’s point
  3. Pfi ipsilateral popliteal fossa, K ipsilateral medial popliteal fossa, Icc contralateral iliac crest
  4. The bold Italic values indicate over the normal limits