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Table 3 Results of TMS study

From: A patient with McLeod syndrome showing involvement of the central sensorimotor tracts for the legs

MEPs from FDI muscleMEPs from TA muscle
Stimulation siteLatency (ms)Normal limit (ms)Stimulation siteLatency (ms)Normal limit (ms)
(1) Cortex21.722.6(1) Cortex32.629.3
(2) Brainstem18.818.8(2) Brainstem30.125.4
(3) Cervical root15.215.2(3) L1 root16.716.8
 Conduction time (ms) (4) L5 root13.313.3
CMCT [(1)–(3)]6.57.7 Conduction time (ms) 
   CMCT [(1)–(4)]19.317.0
   CCCT [(1)–(3)]15.914.7
   CECT [(3)–(4)]3.44.4
  1. TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation, FDI first-dorsal interroseous, TA tibialis anterior;
  2. CMCT central motor conduction time, CCCT cortico-conus conduction time, CECT cauda equina conduction time
  3. The bold Italic values indicate over the normal limits