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Table 1 Description of studies on upper limb rehabilitation (First part)

From: Action observation training for rehabilitation in brain injuries: a systematic review and meta-analysis

AuthorCEBM levelPEDro ScoreDiagnosisSample sizeDuration (wks)Intensity (Frequency per week, Minutes/day)
Enrolled: tot;Age (Mean +/− standard deviation) years
Buccino G. et al.; 2018 [20]1b9/10CP185 to 1135 session per week, 30 min each session
Fu J et al.; 2017 [21]1b7/10Sub-acute stroke5362.04 +/−  9.93 (AOT group); 59.76 +/−  10.57 (control group)86 times/week, 20 min/day
Kirkpatrick E et al.; 2016 [22]2b6/10UCP703 to 10125 sessions per week, 15 min each session
Kim CH et al.; 2016 [23]1b9/10Sub-acute stroke2262.78 +/− 9.85 (AOT group); 61.49 +/− 8.64 (control group)45 times/week, 40 min/day
Zhu M-H et al.; 2015 [1]1b7/10Stroke6142–7586 times/week, 30 min/day
Kim E et al.; 2015 [24]2b3/10Stroke12n.s.65 sessions per week, 30 min per day
Kim E et al.; 2015 [25]2b3/10Stroke12n.s.65 sessions per week, 30 min per session
Sale P et al.;2014 [26]1b8/10Subacute ischaemic stroke6766.50 ± 12.7045 days/week, two 15-min daily session at least 60-min interval apart
Sgandurra G et al.; 2013 [5]1b8/10UCP245–15315 consecutive working days, 60-min (including the rest periods) rehabilitation sessions
Lee D et al.; 2013 [27]2b5/10Chronic stroke3363 ± 3.70 (Observation)
62 ± 1.50 (Action practice)
61 ± 2.30 (Combined)
60 ± 5.90 (control)
35 sessions per week, 10-min / day
Cowles T et al.; 2013 [28]1b7/10Early after stroke2960–893Each day for 15 working days, two 30 min sessions (approximately 6- to 8-min periods divided by 2 to 4 min of resting), separated by a 10 min rest
Buccino G et al.;2012 [3]1b7/10CP (12 UCP 3 bilateral CP)15mean age = 6.8035 times per week, 15 min/day
Franceschini M. et al.;2012 [29]1b7/10Stroke102n.s.45 sessions per week; 20 sessions (15 min =3 min sequence observations and 2 min action performances for 3 sequences); each session repeated twice a day, at least 60 min
Ertelt D. et al.; 2007 [6]2b6/10Stroke1638–69418 consecutive working days, 18 sessions of 90 min each
  1. n.s. Not specified, CP Cerebral palsy, UCP Unilateral cerebral palsy