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Table 1 Immune parameters of two episodes of intracranial infection

From: Delayed diagnosis of X-linked agammaglobulinaemia in a boy with recurrent meningitis

Immune parameters1st episode(4y)2nd episode(8y)(after IVIG treatment)
Leukocytes (109/L)22.0↑40.9↑
Neutrophils (109/L /%)21.28↑/9236.81↑/90↑
Lymphocytes (109/L /%)0.36↓/2↓0.82↓/2↓
Monocytes (109/L /%)0.34/21.64↑/4
CD45+ cells (cells/μL (normal range))2116.82 (1661–6643)931.18 (1661–6643)
CD3+ cells (cells/μL (normal range))/%2079.84 (805–4459)/98.23↑857.19 (805–4459)/92.05↑
CD19 + cells (cells/μL (normal range))/%4.46↓(240–1317)/0.21↓0.58↓(240–1317)/0.06↓
NK cells (cells/μL (normal range))/%33.02↓(210–1514)/1.56↓73.42↓(210–1514)/7.88↓
IgG (g/L (normal range))4.85↓(5.0–10.6)7.42 (6.36–14.04)
IgA (g/L (normal range))0.93 (0.34–1.38)0.33↓(0.63–1.79)
IgM (g/L (normal range))0.1↓(0.44–1.44)0.06↓(0.29–1.41)
IgE (IU/ML (normal range))49 (0–60)33 (0–60)
C3 (g/L (normal range))1.75↑(0.8–1.5)0.87 (0.8–1.5)
C4 (g/L (normal range))0.45↑(0.125–0.425)0.24 (0.125–0.425)
  1. Total T, B, and NK lymphocyte are represented with CD45+ cells, CD3+ cells and CD19 + cells respectively. Values below/above reference ranges are shown with an arrow(↓/↑)