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Table 1 Intervention characteristics

From: Exercise and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy: the need for explicit exercise reporting

StudySample sizeStudy designSettingExerciseModalityProgram durationDosage
Clerici 2017, Italy [23]24RCTRehabilitation hospitalGait training - aerobic, intensive, motor-cognitive, goal based exerciseTreadmill versus Lokomat robotic treadmill4 weeks4 daily 1-h sessions, 5/week
Di Pancrazio 2013, Italy [39]10Cohort studyRehabilitation hospitalWeight relieving harness for walking (SPAD) plus vibration sensory stimulation (VISS)Treadmill8 weeks3/week
Irons 2015, USA [36]1Case studyOutpatientWeight relieving harness for walking on a treadmill type elliptical walker/trainerElliptical cross trainer8 weeks3/week for a total of 24 sessions
Nicolai 2010, Germany [24]8Cohort studyOutpatientDynamic exercises from 6 posture & balance categories with increasing difficulty & complexity(1) sitting (2) standing (3) transfers (4) sway (5) reaching or stepping one direction (6) multi direction stepping with added limb movement6 weeks45 min sessions, 3/week
Sale 2014, Italy [25]5Cohort studyOutpatientProgram of robot-assisted walking sessions for 20 - 45 min, 5 times a week for 4 weeks.Walkway force platform4 weeks20-45 min, 5/week
Seamon 2017, USA [37]1Case studyIn-homeVirtual exer-gaming “YourShape” and mini gamesXbox Kinect6 weeks12 1-h sessions
Suteerawattananon 2002, USA [35]1Case studyResearch laboratoryBody weight supported unloaded gaitPacer treadmill8 weeks1.5 h sessions, 3/week
Wallace 2013, USA [38]1Case studyIn-homeWeighted vest, with motion-capture technology, to improve movement and postureWeighted vest on or offNot reportedNot reported
Wittwer 2018, Australia5Case seriesIn-homeGait training program and rhythmic auditory cues (RACs)Cued exercises in sitting, standing, walking4 weeks30–60 min, 2/week
Zampieri 2008, Italy [21]19Quasi RCTResearch laboratoryExercises included tandem stance practice with eyes open and closed, turning 360° while marching in place; sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit practice on a chair. Treatment group received eye movement & visual awareness trainingBalance vs balance + eye movement4 weeks1 h, 3/week
Zampieri 2009, Italy [22]19Quasi RCTResearch laboratoryAs aboveBalance vs balance + eye movement4 weeks1 h, 3/week