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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with prevalent HD in 2015 and 2016

From: Epidemiology and health care utilization of patients suffering from Huntington’s disease in Germany: real world evidence based on German claims data

 Women (n = 139)Men (n = 169)All (n = 308)
 0–29 years< 5///61.9%
 30–39 years53.6%105.9%154.9%
 40–49 years1812.9%2917.2%4715.3%
 50–59 years3827.3%4828.4%8627.9%
 60–69 years4230.2%3520.7%7725.0%
 70–79 years2417.3%3420.1%5818.8%
 > =80 years96.5%105.9%196.2%
 Mean age (mean, SD)60.413.359.413.459.813.6
  1. Numbers which are too low or might allow indirect calculability of too low case numbers cannot be displayed due to data protection reasons
  2. SD Standard deviation