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Table 1 Quality assessment tool for case series studies

From: Ischemic stroke in Morocco: a systematic review

1. Was the study question or objective clearly stated?11111111111111111111111
2. Was the study population clearly and fully described, including a case definition?11111111111111111111111
3. Were the cases consecutive?11111111111111111111111
4. Were the subjects comparable?11111111111111111111111
5. Was the intervention clearly described?11111110011011111011111
6. Were the outcome measures clearly defined, valid, reliable, and implemented consistently across all study participants?10011100010111111111111
7. Was the length of follow-up adequate?11010111111101101111111
8. Were the statistical methods well-described?10000100000000001001100
9. Were the results well-described?11111111111011111111111