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Table 4 Results of published studies on the association between six genes and ischemic stroke in Morocco

From: Ischemic stroke in Morocco: a systematic review

StudyCasesControlsGenesMutationsGenotypesMethodsOdds Ratio 95% (CI)P value
They, TP et al., 2011 [40]91182MTHFRC677TT allele and StrokePCR1.1 (0.59–2.04)0.303Ω
T allele and atherothrombotic subtype stroke2.1 (1.17–3.8)0.012Ω
They, TP et al., 2013 [41]91182MTHFR*
PCR-RFLP4.99 (1.75–14.2)
5.29 (1.63–17.1)
Diakite, B et al., 2014 [39]165182eNOSG894 TTT vs. GG + GT RecessivePCR-RFLP2,68 (1,08-6,70)0.034 Δ
GT + TT vs. GG Dominant1.78 (1,16–2,73)0.009 Δ
T vs. G Additive models1.71 (1,21–2,43)0.003 Δ
Diakite, B et al., 2015 [37]170211FVC2491TT allèlePCR-RFLP3.77 (2.70–5.25)< 0.0001**
CT4.08 (2.55–6.49)
TT8.95 (4.15–19.29)
Diakite, B et al., 2016 [38]175201APOA5T1131CCCPCR-RFLP2.86 (1.24–6.58)0.014
C allele1.54 (1.01–2.33)
ALOX5APSG13S114TTPCR-RFLP2.57 (1.49–4.83)0.009
T allele1.59 (1.16–2.19)0.008
Balar, K et al., 2014 [36]165MTHFRFacteurs de risque CT/TTNS ^
  1. PCR-RFLP Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism, *Synergistic effect of MTHFR C677T and F2 G20210A polymorphisms on ischemic stroke. Prospective study, Age/Diabetes/High Blood Pressure/Smoking/Alcoholism/ Cholesterol, NS: Not significant, ΩHardy– Weinberg equilibrium tests were performed for MTHFR C677T polymorphism separately among cases and controls with the use of Fisher’s exact test, Univariate analysis for the combined polymorphisms, multivariate analysis for the combined polymorphisms, ΔThe law of the genotype distribution for G894 T eNOS polymorphism among disease cases and controls were performed with Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium test with the use of χ2 test, **Significant; HWE, Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium test with the use of χ2 test or Fisher test, ^the multivariate analysis (logistic regression)