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Table 6 Mean prehospital stroke delay (symptom onset to emergency department arrival) and percent arriving in 3, and after 24 h in Morocco publication

From: Ischemic stroke in Morocco: a systematic review

StudiesStudy datesLocationPopulation reported onDelay in hoursPer cent arriving in
<  3 h>  24 h
Rhissassi et al., 2010 [34]During the year 2009UHC Hassan II Fes342IS61
N A-Y AMESSAN., 2010 [15]November 2009 to April 2010SH Rabat46IS28
Chraa, M., 2010 [30]January2000 to December2009UHC Marrakech352 IS5
AZDAD, O., 2012 [33]01/01/2009 to 01/2/2010UHC Hassan II Fes1300 IS269,5
Bendriss, L et al., 2012 [17]January 2005 and August 2008Cardiology MHAM110 IS41
Saraya, T., 2013 [35]January2009 to December 2011MVMTH Rabat242IS4,5
RACHDI, L et al., 2015 [28]June 2014 and December 2014UHC Hassan II Fes439 IS27
Yonmadji, N., 2016 [32]January2013 to December 2014UHC Hassan II Fes1184 IS61,912,2a68,3
Hadi, A., 2018 [26]January2010 to December 2014Cardiology MHAM230 IS36
  1. IS Ischemic stroke, UHC University Hospital Center, SH Specialty Hospital, MHAM Military Hospital Avicenna Marrakech, MVMTH Mohamed V Military and Training Hospital
  2. aPatients received within 4.5 h after onset of symptoms