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Table 2 Univariate logistic regression analysis for in-hospital mortality

From: A nomogram for predicting the in-hospital mortality after large hemispheric infarction

parameterβSEPOR (95% CI)
Age0.0610.015<  0.001*1.063 (1.033~1.095)
Gender (Female)0.2340.3480.5021.263 (0.638~2.501)
Smoke− 0.0400.3300.9040.961 (0.503~1.835)
Alcohol−0.3600.3420.2930.698 (0.357~1.364)
ECASS-II>21.1120.5960.062*3.040 (0.945~9.782)
Acute Intervention0.1150.3830.6851.168 (0.457~2.484)
MLS0.2520.055<0.001*1.287 (1.155~1.434)
Baseline temperature0.3150.3210.3261.370 (0.731~2.570)
SBP−0.0060.0070.3800.994 (0.982~1.007)
DBP−0.0060.0100.5680.994 (0.974~1.014)
GLU0.2720.0780.001*1.312 (1.126~1.529)
HbA1c0.0330.1080.7631.033 (0.836~1.277)
hs-CRPa0.2980.1130.008*1.347 (1.080~1.680)
NLRa1.3110.310< 0.001*3.710 (2.020~6.814)
TG−0.1570.2300.4940.854 (0.544~1.341)
HDL−0.3290.5100.5180.719 (0.265~1.955)
LDL−0.0460.1830.8020.955 (0.667~1.368)
  1. *Variables with P < 0.10 in univariate analysis were included in multivariable logistic regression models for adjustment
  2. aThese variables were transformed into log scale.
  3. ECASS-II European Cooperative Acute Stroke Study-II classification, MLS midline shift, SBP baseline systolic pressure, DBP baseline diastolic pressure, GLU baseline blood glucose, HbA1c glycated hemoglobin, hs-CRP high sensitivity C-reactive protein, NLR neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio, TG Triglyceride, HDL high-density lipoprotein, LDL low density lipoprotein, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, SE standard error