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Table 3 Multivariate logistic regression model for in-hospital mortality

From: A nomogram for predicting the in-hospital mortality after large hemispheric infarction

parameterβSEPOR (95% CI)
Age0.0640.0200.001*1.066 (1.025~1.108)
ECASS-II > 2−0.4450.9220.6300.641 (0.105~3.908)
GLU0.1320.0850.1211.141 (0.966~1.349)
hs-CRPa0.1290.1510.3931.138 (0.846~1.531)
NLRa1.2000.3910.002*3.319 (1.542~7.144)
  1. *Statistically significant at p < 0.05 level, two-sided;
  2. aThese variables were transformed into log scale.
  3. ECASS-II European Cooperative Acute Stroke Study-II classification, MLS midline shift, GLU baseline blood glucose, hs-CRP high sensitivity C-reactive protein, NLR neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio, OR Odds Ratio, CI confidence Interval, SE standard error