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Table 1 Differences in our case and the previously reported case

From: A rare but treatable cause of recurrent chest pain - Ictal chest pain

 Sureshbabu et al.Khoo et al.
Age of onset (years)1444
Chest pain locationLeft-sidedLeft-sided
DurationA few seconds to half a minuteFive to ten seconds
Associated symptomsNoOne episode of confusion
Interictal EEGSpike-and-wave discharges in the left frontocentral regionSharp waves in the right temporal region
Ictal EEG (onset)Left parasagittal regionRight hemisphere
Intracranial recording
Not performed
Normal (1.5-T)
Not performed
Normal (3-T)
AntiseizureCarbamazepine 400 mg (daily)Lamotrigine 200 mg (daily)
OutcomeSeizure freeSeizure free
  1. Abbreviations: EEG Electroencephalogram, MRI Magnetic resonance imaging