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Table 2 Mental changes noticed by the 663 older adults

From: Discrepancy in the perception of symptoms of cognitive decline between older adults and their family members: results of the Toyama dementia survey

Hasegawa Dementia Scale Score≤20 (a)21–24 (b)≥25 (c)Chi-square TestAdjusted Residual
(n = 80)(n = 78)(n = 505)   
%%%P valueO < EE < O
Loss of appetite6.  
Being unable to sleep at night11.  
Feeling more moody in the mornings and less so in the evenings2.  
Losing motivation and interest in things17.510.36.90.006ca
Worrying about their health16.
Frequently feeling anxious8.  
Feeling restless2.  
Feeling compelled to do things despite not believing there is a need for them (washing hands, closing doors, checking the state of open flames, among others)  
Fluctuating mood8.
Sometimes wanting to die5.  
Becoming more forgetful46.333.314.9< 0.001ca,b
  1. O < E, the rate of the measured value is significantly lower than the rate of the expected value; E < O, the rate of the expected value is significantly higher than the rate of the measured value