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Fig. 1

From: Comparing healthcare cost associated with the use of enzyme-inducing and non-enzyme active antiepileptic drugs in elderly patients with epilepsy in the UK: a long-term retrospective, matched cohort study

Fig. 1

Healthcare costs for EIAED and nEAAED cohorts: a direct healthcare cost per year follow-up period; b median direct healthcare cost per year follow-up period; c standardised monthly cost by year post-index; d standardised median monthly cost by year post-index. EIAED enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drug, nEAAED non-enzyme active antiepileptic drug. For all those who started the year in question, because of a lack of available matches, data for years 10–12 are not presented. Histograms (a and c) show median (horizontal line), mean (tick mark), 25th and 75th percentile (bottom and top of box) and 10th and 90th percentile (bottom and top whisker); line graphs (b and d) show medians only

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