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Table 3 Postoperative outcomes and complications

From: Risk factor analysis for progressive spinal deformity after resection of intracanal tumors─ a retrospective study of 272 cases

Surgical site infection, n (%)7 (2.6%)
Incisional CSF leak, n (%)9 (3.3%)
Neurologic complications during hospitalization, n (%)19 (7%)
Postoperative length of hospital stay, n16.79 ± 8.34
Median MMS score at last FU (IQR)1 (1–1)
Mean FU in mos (range)21.82 (6–114)
Time of spinal deformity in mos (range)13.23 (2–60)
Postoperative brace fixation, n(%)256 (94.1%)