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Table 5 Univariate analysis for predicting risk factors of progressive spinal deformity

From: Risk factor analysis for progressive spinal deformity after resection of intracanal tumors─ a retrospective study of 272 cases

Variablep value
Symptom duration in mos0.000
Presenting symptoms
 Back pain0.497
 Motor weakness0.181
 Sensory abnormal0.166
 Sphincter disturbances0.850
 Median preop MMS score0.019
 Location of tumor0.151
 Vertebral levels of tumor involvement0.005
Previous treatment
 Preop spinal deformity0.000
 Extent of Surgery resection involvement0.000
 Extent of tumor resection0.750
 Intramedullary or Extramedullary0.082
 Median MMS score at last FU0.114
  1. Data set in bold are statistically significant