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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of enrolled patients with diffuse gliomas (N = 261)

From: HLA-E expression in diffuse glioma: relationship with clinicopathological features and patient survival

CharacteristicsGrade II (N = 117)Grade III (N = 36)Grade IV (N = 108)
Median age (range, yrs)38
Gender (male)692166
Side (Left)581758
KPS > 80701633
 Diffuse astrocytoma/GBM, IDH mutant621312
 Diffuse astrocytoma/GBM, IDH wildtype221481
 Diffuse astrocytoma/GBM, NOS7 15
 Oligodendroglioma, IDH mutant and 1p19q co-deleted123 
 Oligodendroglioma, NOS145 
 Oligoastrocytoma, NOS 1 
  1. KPS Karnofsky performance score, IDH isocitrate dehydrogenase