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Table 2 Predictors of progression-free survival and overall survival on multivariate analysis in patients with low-grade gliomasa

From: HLA-E expression in diffuse glioma: relationship with clinicopathological features and patient survival

Risk ratio95% CIp-valueRisk ratio95% CIp-value
HLA-E expression1.7171.088–2.7100.0201.7781.080–2.9260.024
Sex (male)0.9090.452–1.8390.7901.4840.681–3.2330.321
KPS0.8990.862–0.938<  0.0010.9060.866–0.947<  0.001
Side (Left)0.8990.452–1.7880.7611.3170.608–2.8530.486
  1. PFS Progression-free survival, OS overall survival, LGG low-grade glioma, CI confidence interval, KPS Karnofsky performance score
  2. a Results of Cox regression analysis