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Table 4 Correlations among MIDAS-main scale score. Frequency and intensity of headache, and physical and mental components summary of the SF-12 questionnaire

From: Validation of the Spanish version of the migraine disability assessment questionnaire (MIDAS) in university students with migraine

 MIDAS-main scale scoreHeadache frequencyHeadache intensity
Rho SpermannPRho SpermannPRho SpermannP
Headache frequency0.529<  0.001  
Headache intensity0.343<  0.0010.459<  0.001
PCS-12−0.326<  0.001−0.334<  0.001−0.268< 0.001
  1. MIDAS Migraine Disability Assessment, PCS-12 Physical Component Summary of the 12-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-12), MCS-12 Mental Component Summary of the SF-12, MIDAS Migraine Disability Assessment