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Table 5 Results of ordinal logistic regression showing the relationship of sleep parameters and CSVD imaging markers

From: Non breathing-related sleep fragmentation and imaging markers in patients with atherosclerotic cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD): a cross-sectional case-control study

PWMH severity
 95% CI0.138–2.4850.369–2.1510.728–4.6850.367–2.0100.235–1.4230.181–2.7330.143–2.632
PVS severity
 95% CI1.032–4.0170.204–2.2580.439–2.2840.312–1.9410.534–2.2940.982–1.4300.909–1.532
  1. Abbreviations: CSVD cerebral small vessel disease; PWMH periventricular white matter hyperintensities; PVS perivascular space; ArI arousal index; TST total sleep time; WASO wake after sleep onset; SE sleep efficiency; N-3 non rapid eye movement sleep-stage 3; OR odds ratio; CI confidence interval; PLMSI periodic limb movement in sleep index; PLMAI periodic limb movement related arousal index