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Table 3 Characteristics of acquired demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system in children

From: Serum α-synuclein and IL-1β are increased and correlated with measures of disease severity in children with epilepsy: potential prognostic biomarkers?

DiagnosisAge at test (years; mean ± SD)Serum α-synuclein (ng/ml) (mean ± SD)Patient IDNumber of testsNumber of relapsesMedicationsOutcome
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis7.9 ± 1.89.5 ± 1.9A1NoneIVIG, PDCompletely recovered
B1NoneIVIG, PDCompletely recovered
Multiple sclerosis13.9 ± 0.111.0 ± 7.4C3 times3 timesIVIG+PD+ interferon-βRelapsing–remitting type
Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder8.7 ± 3.613.7 ± 4.8D12 timesIVIG+PD+ AZP + plasmapheresisExpired
E2 times3 timesIVIG+PD+ AZPRapid disease progression; bedridden with home ventilator
F5 times4 timesIVIG+PD+ AZPSlow disease progression, but can walk independently
Transverse myelitis3.8 ± 1.810.8 ± 7.9G1NoneIVIG+PDRapidly and completely recovered
H1NoneIVIG+PDRapidly and completely recovered
I3 timesNoneIVIG+PDUnresponsive to treatment for the first two months, but slowly recovered
  1. SD; standard deviation, ID; identification, IVIG, intravenous immunoglobulin; PD; prednisolone, AZP; azathioprine