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Table 4 Outcome measures in the self-administered questionnaire

From: Sensor-based systems for early detection of dementia (SENDA): a study protocol for a prospective cohort sequential study

Outcome measure Instrument/scale
Physical activity
Physical activity Modified Baecke Inventory (similar to [93])
PRISCUS-Physical Activity Questionnaire [94]
Nürnberger-Alters-Inventar (NAI) [95]
Social support, social activities
 Social support Social Support Questionnaire - short form [96]
 Social activities Florida Cognitive Activities Scale (modified [97])
Health behavior
 Objective health List with diseases and use of medication (modified [98])
 Comorbidities Charlson Comorbidity Index [99]
 Chronic medication Individual medication regimen (name, dosage and frequency of intake for all prescribed medication)
 Frailty Frail Scale [100, 101]
Tilburg Frailty Indicator [102, 103]
 History of falls Elderly Fall Screening Test (modified [104])
 Falls efficacy Fall Efficacy Scale [105]
 Smoking behavior Smoking Behavior Questionnaire [106]
Quality of life and well-being
 Quality of life Satisfaction with Life Scale [107]
 Depression Geriatric Depression Scale [108]
 Personality Big Five Inventory [109, 110]
 Handedness Edinburgh Handedness Inventory [111]
 Manual activities Manual Activities Questionnaire [112]