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Table 1 Participant demographics and baseline disease characteristics

From: IncobotulinumtoxinA for the treatment of spasticity in children with cerebral palsy – a retrospective case series focusing on dosing and tolerability

CharacteristicParticipants (n = 69)
Sex, n (%)
 Female25 (36.2)
 Male44 (63.8)
Mean age, years (SD) [range]8.3 (3.9) [1.8–17.9]
Median body weight, kg [range]22.0 [10.0–78.0]
Spasticity diagnosis, n (%)
 Hemiplegia27 (39.1)
 Tetraplegia26 (37.7)
 Diplegia16 (23.2)
GMFCS, n (%)a
 Level I10 (14.7)
 Level II28 (41.2)
 Level III5 (7.4)
 Level IV10 (14.7)
 Level V15 (22.1)
MACS, n (%)b
 Level I21 (32.8)
 Level II15 (23.4)
 Level III10 (15.6)
 Level IV6 (9.4)
 Level V12 (18.8)
  1. aData missing for one participant; bData missing for five participants. GMFCS Gross Motor Function Classification System, MACS Manual Ability Classification System, SD standard deviation