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Table 5 Cox regression analysis of risk factors for END

From: Variants in clopidogrel-relevant genes and early neurological deterioration in ischemic stroke patients receiving clopidogrel

FactorHR95% CIP value
Diabetes mellitus1.670.92–2.130.135
Hemoglobin A1C1.080.88–2.360.198
Fasting blood glucose0.970.82–1.860.395
AA-induced platelet aggregation0.730.72–1.690.512
ADP-induced platelet aggregation0.780.76–1.830.438
High-risk interactive variable2.821.36–7.760.003
  1. END early neurological deterioration, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. HR for continuous variables means per 1-Standard Deviation increase