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Table 2 Outcome measures and assessment methods

From: Efficacy of a physical activity programme combining individualized aerobic exercise and coaching to improve physical fitness in neuromuscular diseases (I’M FINE): study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Primary outcomesMethod    
[1] Physical fitnessMaximal exercise test on bicycle ergometer or arm ergometerXXXX
Secondary outcomes
[2] Daily activityHeart rate monitoring and accelerometerXXXX
[3] Health-related quality of lifeSF-36 questionnaireXXXX
[4] Perceived physical functioningACTIVLIM questionnaireXXXX
[5] Muscle strengthFixed dynamometryXXXX
[6] Markers of metabolic syndrome and muscle damageBlood analysis, waist circumference, blood pressureXXXX
[7] Self-efficacySelf-efficacy scaleXXXX
[8] Physical capacity6-min walk test or
6-min push test
 Demographic variables (age, gender, education, ethnicity, socioeconomic status)QuestionnaireX   
Diagnosis and medical historyQuestionnaire and medical recordX   
  1. Abbreviations: T0; baseline assessment, T1; directly post-intervention, T2; 12 months follow-up, T3; 18 months follow-up, SF-36; Short Form 36–item Health Survey