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Table 2 Relationship of the mean gait cycle duration and the mean gait acceleration amplitude with each parameter

From: Analysis of non-invasive gait recording under free-living conditions in patients with Parkinson’s disease: relationship with global cognitive function and motor abnormalities

 Mean gait cycle durationMean gait acceleration amplitude
β95% CIp-valueβ95% CIp-value
Disease duration−0.100−0.350-0.1250.3400.095−0.009-0.2780.299
UPDRS III score−0.004−0.230-0.2300.968−0.327− 0.503--0.176< 0.001
PIGD score−0.316− 0.514--0.1190.001− 0.235− 0.406--0.0640.008
  1. Data are presented as standardized regression coefficients (β weights)
  2. MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination; UPDRS Part III score Unified Parkinson’s disease rating scale part III score; Postural instability and gait disorder (PIGD) score: the sum of UPDRS “PIGD items” 13–15, 29, and 30