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Table 4 Mean ICA and BICAMS scores per group

From: A self-administered, artificial intelligence (AI) platform for cognitive assessment in multiple sclerosis (MS)

 MS (n = 91)HC (n = 83)   
BICAMSmeanSDmeanSDDifferenceCohen’s dp-value
SDMT41.0411.0254.739.7713.691.31< 10− 14
CVLT-II48.9611.1358.286.599.321.00< 10−9
ICA score63.6713.3078.439.8617.761.26< 10−13
Speed74.5412.2687.7610.1113.221.16< 10−12
  1. Mean and standard deviations (SD) for BICAMS test scores and the ICA test scores are compared for MS patients versus healthy controls (HC). The ICA score is a composite score made of both speed and accuracy of participants in ICA’s rapid visual categorization task. P-values come from a two-sample t-test