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Table 1 Participants’ Inclusion and exclusion criteria for treatment

From: Impact of Erythropoietin in the management of Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy in resource-constrained settings: protocol for a randomized control trial

1. Enrollment criteria will include:
• All term newborns (≥ 37 weeks gestation) diagnosed of moderate/ severe HIE at admission and who are < 24 h of age.
• Evidence of perinatal depression based on delayed cry at birth and at least one of the following:
 1. Apgar score ≤ 3 at 5 min.
 2. Need for resuscitation at 10 min.
 3. PH < 7.1 in cord or Base deficit ≥15 mmol/L.
 4. Moderate or severe encephalopathy according to Sarnat and Sarnat staging [43]. (Table 2)
 5. History of an adverse intrapartum sentinel event such as abruptio placenta, uterine rupture, fetal distress, etc
2. Exclusion criteria:
• Severe congenital anomalies
• Preterm babies
• Infants > 24 h of age at time of presentation /consent
• Those in which consent could not be obtained
• Evidence of sepsis (confirmed according to unit protocol)