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Table 5 Injection-site reactions by monthly dosing interval among pooled galcanezumab-treated participants in CGAJ and REGAIN studies, ≥1% incidence (galcanezumab exposure analysis set)

From: Evaluation of injection-site-related adverse events with galcanezumab: a post hoc analysis of phase 3 studies in participants with migraine

Participants with ≥ 1 ISRsTotal, n (%)
 IS pain108 (8.1)
 Unspecified ISRs103 (7.8)
 IS erythema62 (4.7)
 IS pruritus30 (2.3)
 IS bruising25 (1.9)
 IS rash18 (1.4)
 IS hematoma14 (1.1)
  1. Abbreviations:IS injection-site, ISR injection-site reaction,  N number of galcanezumab-treated participants, n number of participants within each specific category
  2. Note: All values are for ISRs from study start up to 12 months for REGAIN and CGAJ studies; pooled galcanezumab = galcanezumab 120 mg + galcanezumab 240 mg