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Table 1 Comparison of catheter angiography and VWI for detecting dissecting signs and diagnosis

From: Practical value of three-dimensional high resolution magnetic resonance Vessel Wall imaging in identifying suspicious intracranial vertebrobasilar dissecting aneurysms

 Catheter angiographyVWIP
Dissecting signs
 Intimal flap, n (%)7 (25.9%)21 (77.8%)0.001
 Double lumen, n (%)7 (25.9%)18 (66.7%)0.003
 IMH, n (%)14 (51.9%) 
 Definitive VBDA, n (%)7 (25.9%)25 (92.6%)< 0.001
 Possible VBDA, n (%)20 (74.1%)0 
 Segmental ectasia, n (%)02 
  1. VWI vessel wall images, IMH intramural haematoma, VBDA vertebrobasilar dissecting aneurysm