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Table 2 Comparison of electrophysiological findings and electrodiagnosis by Ho’s criteria at the initial examination between GBS patients with and without elevated CK levels

From: Clinical features of Guillain–Barré syndrome patients with elevated serum creatine kinase levels

 GBS patients with elevated CK levels (n = 14)GBS patients with normal CK levels (n = 37)P-value
 AIDP pattern8 (57)22 (59)NS
 AMAN pattern3 (21)5 (14)NS
 Unclassified3 (21)10 (27)NS
Sensory nerve conduction abnormality0 (0)16 (43)0.002
Absence of F waves5 (35)13 (35)NS
  1. Abbreviations: GBS Guillain–Barré syndrome, CK Creatine kinase, AIDP Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, AMAN Acute motor axonal neuropathy, NS Not significant