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Table 2 Overview assessments DUPARC

From: Study protocol of the DUtch PARkinson Cohort (DUPARC): a prospective, observational study of de novo Parkinson’s disease patients for the identification and validation of biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease subtypes, progression and pathophysiology

Assessments Endpoint Baseline Follow-up 1 year Follow-up 3 years
 Montreal cognitive assessment Cognitive screening X X X
 Rey auditory verbal learning test Learning and memory X   X
 Location learning test Learning and memory X   X
 Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IV: Digit Span Learning and memory X   X
 Wisconsin card sorting test Executive functioning X   X
 Letterfluency Executive functioning X   X
 Hayling sentence completion test Executive functioning X   X
 Stroop color word test Complex attention X   X
 Trail making test Complex attention X   X
 Vienna Test System Reaction time test Complex attention X   X
 Boston naming test Language X   X
 Semantic Fluency Language X   X
 Test of everyday attention: Map search Perceptual-motor function X   X
 Judgment of line orientation Perceptual-motor function X   X
 Facial expression of emotion: Stimuli and tests Social cognition X   X
 Dutch adult reading test Premorbid intelligence X   X
 Farnsworth D15, Lanthony D15 Color vision X   X
 Optical Coherence Tomography Structural retinal imaging X   X
 HFA2 SITA Fast Peripheral vision X   X
 Pelli Robson Contrast Sensitivity Contrast sensitivity X   X
 Non-contact tonometry Intraocular pressure X   X
 Visual acuity Visual acuity X   X
Gastrointestinal function
 16S rRNA gene and metagenomic sequencing Fecal microbiome composition X X  
 Stool diary (7 days) Stool frequency and consistency X X  
 Dietary diary (3 days) Nutrient intake X X  
 Fecal calprotectin Intestinal wall permeability - inflammation X   
 Fecal alpha1-antitrypsin Intestinal wall permeability - protein leakage X   
 Serum zonulina Intestinal wall permeability - mucosal barrier integrity X   
 Urinary sugar excretion testa Intestinal wall permeability X   
 Serum LPSa Intestinal wall permeability - microbial translocation X   
Other non-motor symptom assessment
 Sniffin’ Sticks Hyposmia X   X
 Non Motor Symptom Questionnaire Non-motor symptoms screening X X X
 REM Sleep Behavioral Disorder Questionnaire REM sleep behavioral disorder X X X
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale Anxiety and depression X X X
 Dutch Multifactor Fatigue Scale Fatigue X X X
 Apathy Evaluation Scale Apathy X X X
 Questionnaire for Impulsive-Compulsive Disorder in Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale Impulsive-compulsive disorder X X X
Motor assessment
 MDS-UPDRS III Motor functioning X X X
 Hoehn & Yahr Disease severity X X X
 MDS-UPDRS IV Motor complications dopaminergic medication   X X
Burden of disease
 MDS-UPDRS II Motor aspects of experiences of daily living X X X
 Utrechtse coping lijst Coping X X X
 Parkinson’s Disease Quality of Life Questionnaire 39 Quality of life X X X
 Dysexecutive Questionnaire Dysexecutive syndrome X X X
 Zarit Caregiver Burden inventory Caregiver burden X X X
General information
 Disease History   X X X
 Demographics   X   X
 FDOPA PET Brain dopaminergic imaging X   X
 FEOBV PET Brain cholinergic imaging X   X
 MRI brain – Resting State   X   X
 MRI brain – Diffusion Tensor Imaging   X   X
 MRI brain – Arterial Spin Labeling   X   X
 MRI brain – T1   X   X
 MRI brain – T2   X   X
 MRI brain - Susceptibility Weighted Imaging   X   X
 GSA-MD Genome-wide genotyping X   
Blood samplesa
 Plasma EDTA (8 × 2 ml aliquots)   X   X
 Serum (4 × 2 ml aliquots)   X   X
 Buffy coat (2x)   X   X
  1. EDTA Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, FDOPA PET 18Fluor dopamine positron emission tomography, FEOBV PET 18Fluoroethoxybenzovesamicol positron emission tomography, GSA-MD Illumina Infinium Global Screening Assay (MD variant), HFA2 SITA Fast Humphrey Field Analyzer 2 SITA 24–2 – Fast visual field perimetry, LPS Lipopolysaccharide; MDS-UPDRS Movement Disorders Society Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment, MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  2. aBlood withdrawal and urinary sugar excretion tests are performed in a subset of participants