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Table 1 Dance classes

From: Can Samba and Forró Brazilian rhythmic dance be more effective than walking in improving functional mobility and spatiotemporal gait parameters in patients with Parkinson’s disease?

Class Part Time Content Tempo BPMs
Part 1 15 min Joint warm-up, stretching and body sense, sitting on chairs in a circle. Moderato 80–120
Part 2 15 min Strength, balance, and rhythm exercises, walking and clap hands with the support of the barre. Moderato to Allegro 96–168
Part 3 15 min Exercises in front of the mirror with movements thought the room inspired by samba e do forró basic steps (Brazilian ballroom dance). Exploration of movements in the rhythm of the music. Exercises in pairs (couples). Moderato to Allegro 104–192
Part 4 15 min Rhythmic and playful exercises with walking and clap hands in a circle. Ludic activities that stimulate socialization or visual cues with walking, motor coordination, rhythm, improvisation, and creativity. Final cool down in a circle. Moderato to Allegro 104–192