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Table 2 Outcome measures and demographics, including at which time point the data will be collected

From: Evaluating a frontostriatal working-memory updating-training paradigm in Parkinson’s disease: the iPARK trial, a double-blinded randomized controlled trial

  Outcome measures Baseline During intervention Post-test 16 week follow-up
Primary outcome measure
 Criterion task Letter memory running span X X X X
Secondary outcome measures
 Near transfer
  Updating n-back (1,2 and 3 back) X   X X
Digit memory running span X   X X
 Intermediate transfer
 Perceptual and Psychomotor speed Digit symbol X   X X
Perdue Pegboard X   X X
  Working memory Digit span forward (WAIS IV) X   X X
Digit span backward (WAIS IV) X   X X
Digit span sequencing(WAIS IV) X   X X
Spatial span X   X X
  Inhibition Stroop test (DKEFS) X   X X
  Shifting TMT A and B (DKEFS) X   X X
 Far transfer
  Episodic memory Buschke SRP X   X X
  Fluid reasoning Martices (WAIS IV) X   X X
Other Pre-specified outcome measures
 Subjective cognitive complaints Prospective retrospective memory questionnaire X   X X
 Depression and anxiety Hospital Anxiety Depression scale (HAD) X   X X
 Health status Short form health survey (sf-36) X   X X
 Sleep Short version Karolinska Sleep questionaire X   X X
 Function and well being Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire PDQ-39 X   X X
 Fatigue Checklist Individual Strength questionnaire (CIS) X   X X
 Impulsivity and Risk taking Urgency, Premediation, Perseverance and Sensationseeking (UPPS) X   X X
Balloon analog test X   X X
 Adherence (task engagement) Self-assessed motivation and ability to stay focused during training   X   
 Compliance Number of participants finishing within time frame   X   
 Expectation  Expectation of improvement in certain tasks    X X
Self-assessed improvement and adverse events Evaluation of the training    X X
 Age Age at baseline X    
 Gender Gender X    
 Handedness Lef/right X    
 Education level Years of education X    
 Disease duration Months X    
 Disease stage Hoehn and Yahr stage X    
 Global cognition Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) X    
 Motor function Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale part III (UPDRS III) X    
 Disease laterality Left/right X    
 Starting symptom and side Symptom, Left/right X    
 Medication dose LEDD X   X X
 Vocabulary Swedish four alternative multiple-choice synonym test (SRB 1) X    
 Cognitive status MCI/NC X