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Table 2 Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Score range from 0 to 24 points. It was created to assess the impact of MG on activities of daily living. This scale includes eight functions that are often impaired in MG. It surveys symptom severity, with each response graded from 0 (normal) to 3 (most severe), (

From: Myasthenia gravis exacerbation after melatonin administration: case series from a tertiary referral centre

Grade 0 1 2 3
Talking Normal Intermittent slurring or nasal speech Constant slurring or nasal, but can be understood Difficult to understand speech
Chewing Normal Fatigue with solid food Fatigue with soft food Gastric tube
Swallowing Normal Rare episode of choking Frequent choking necessitating changes in diet Gastric tube
Breathing Normal Shortness of breath with exertion Shortness of breath at rest Ventilator dependence
Impairment of ability to brush teeth or comb hair Normal Extra effort, but no rest periods needed Rest periods needed Cannot do one of these functions
Impairment of ability to arise from chair Normal Mild, sometimes uses arms Moderate, always uses arms Severe, requires assistance
Double vision Normal Occurs, but not daily Daily, but not constant Constant
Eyelid droop Normal Occurs, but not daily Daily, but not constant Constant