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Table 4 MGFA Post-intervention Status (MGFA-PIS)

From: Myasthenia gravis exacerbation after melatonin administration: case series from a tertiary referral centre

Complete Stable Remission (CSR)
The patient has had no symptoms or signs of MG for at least 1 year and has received no therapy for MG during that time. Isolated weakness of eyelid closure is accepted.
Pharmacologic Remission (PR)
The same criteria as for CSR except that the patient continues to take some form of therapy for MG. Patients taking cholinesterase inhibitors are excluded from this category.
Minimal Manifestations (MM)
The patient has no symptoms of functional limitations from MG but has some weakness on examination of some muscles.
MM-0: The patient has received no MG treatment for at least 1 year.
MM-1: The patient continues to receive some form of immunosuppression but no cholinesterase inhibitors or other symptomatic therapy.
MM-2: The patient has received only low-dose cholinesterase inhibitors (< 120 mg pyridostigmine/day) for at least 1 year.
MM-3: The patient has received cholinesterase inhibitors or other symptomatic therapy and some form of immunosuppression during the past year.