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Table 5 Usability survey themes and responses from nurse care managers (n = 7) about the Siebens Domain Management Model

From: Stakeholder perceptions of components of a Parkinson disease care management intervention, care coordination for health promotion and activities in Parkinson’s disease (CHAPS)

Themes Attributes Items (n)
Facilitators for Using the SDMM
(n = 55)
(n = 19)
Able to put SDMM into action (6)
Understandable for nurses (4)
Simplifies information (4)
Understandable for patient and provider (2)
Helps clinicians think things through (2)
Powerful tool (1)
(n = 16)
Looks comprehensively at a person’s health (4)
Domains and Notebook usable by variety of patients (3)
Thoughtful and detailed about the patient (3)
Makes understanding a variety of patients easier (3)
Reflects nursing’s holistic view (1)
Helps physicians to look at whole picture (1)
Patients benefit when SDMM used (1)
(n = 11)
Four domains are organized (4)
The way 4 domains are separated (2)
Good theory in organizing patients’ problems (2)
Concise (1)
Clear (1)
Easier to categorize everything (1)
  Helpful for documentation (n = 9) Good to have framework to follow (4)
Helpful format for physicians and others to read (3)
Formats health information understandably (2)
Challenges in Using the SDMM
(n = 29)
Problem/topic placement
(n = 20)
Some do not seem to fit into domains (7)
Difficult to narrow things down to one domain (6)
Sorting problems/topics could be easier (6)
Takes time to think where certain items fit (1)
  Change is required (n = 9) Documentation is different (5)
Takes time to use initially (2)
Why change? (2)
  1. SDMM Siebens Domain Management Model (© Hilary C Siebens MD 2005)