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Table 1 Overview of the study assessment

From: Dorsolateral medullary infarction registry: a study protocol for a prospective, multicentric registry

Assessment Domain Baseline evaluation (T0) 3-month evaluation (T1) 6-month symptoms (T2) 12-month evaluation
24-month evaluation
• Demographic registry
General condition
• Past disease history
• Vascular risk factors (e.g., smoking, alcohol consumption)
• Family history - - - -
Clinical assessment
• Blood pressure, instant blood sugar
Health condition
• National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, Modified Rankin Scale
• Physical and neurological examination -
Primary outcome measure Corneal function -
• OSDI Tear secretion -
• Schirmer test -
• Non-invasive tear film breakup time -
• Thickness of lipid layer of lacrimal film -
• PBR -
• Corneal sensation Corneal sensation -
• BSCVA Vision -
• ASOCT Anterior segment -
• Meibomian gland and
lipid layer
  1. OSDI: Ocular Surface Disease Index; BSCVA: best-spectacles corrected visual acuity; ASOCT: anterior segment optical coherence tomography; IVCM: in vivo confocal microscopy; PBR: partial blinking rate