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Table 6 Haplotype frequencies and their associations with ischemic stroke risk

From: CYP3A4 and CYP11A1 variants are risk factors for ischemic stroke: a case control study

GeneSNPHaplotypeFrequencyCrude analysisAdjusted by age and gender
CaseControlOR (95% CI)pOR (95% CI)p
CYP3A4rs4646440|rs35564277GT0.8050.7681 1 
rs4646440|rs35564277AT0.1380.1590.82 (0.63–1.06)0.1300.78 (0.60–1.02)0.070
rs4646440|rs35564277AC0.0580.0720.79 (0.55–1.12)0.1900.75 (0.52–1.08)0.120
CYP11A1rs1484215|rs12912592|rs28681535CGT0.4300.4461 1 
rs1484215|rs12912592|rs28681535CGG0.2940.2901.07 (0.87–1.31)0.5501.06 (0.85–1.31)0.600
rs1484215|rs12912592|rs28681535TGG0.1800.1841.01 (0.79–1.29)0.9401.06 (0.82–1.37)0.670
rs1484215|rs12912592|rs28681535CTG0.0960.0801.29 (0.92–1.81)0.1301.24 (0.87–1.75)0.230
  1. CYP3A4 block comprises the two closely linked SNPs rs4646440 and rs35564277. CYP11A14 block comprises the three closely linked SNPs rs1484215, rs12912592, and rs28681535
  2. OR odds ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence interval
  3. p values were calculated using logistic regression analysis with and without adjustment by gender and age