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Table 2 Prevalence of MS among Saudi Nationals

From: Rising prevalence of multiple sclerosis in Saudi Arabia, a descriptive study

RegionsSaudi nationalsMS patients from 20 hospital (Saudi Nationals)Prevalence/ 100,000 populationProjected prevalence/100000 population
Western Region5,892,82193115.867.7
Central Region5,667,86583314.775.6
Eastern Region5,892,8213717.664.9
Southern Region3,777,8791733.620.7
Northern Region*1,929,4351075.544.0
Total “2017”20,408,362241511.861.95
  1. * Patients in the northern region were referred to facilities in other regions. For calculating projected prevalence for northern region we assumed 107 Saudi patients were referred from a single hospital of the northern region to hospitals in other regions