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Table 2 List of reasons for exclusion

From: Feasibility and adherence to moderate intensity cardiovascular fitness training following stroke: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Reason n
Not meeting inclusion criteria 24
 Inability to walk 100 m 20
 > 12 months post stroke 4
Met exclusion criteria 45
 Cardiovascular or pulmonary contraindications 26
 Insufficient expressive and receptive communication 8
 Inadequate physical capacity to complete testing ie. unable to mount upright bike 3
 Severe renal impairment; end stage renal failure; kidney transplant 2
 Documented medical restrictions 2
 Uncontrolled diabetes 1
 Insufficient cognition for consent 1
 Other 2
Declined 41
 Inability to commit to attend 2/week (work; family; rehab; transport) 15
 Not agreeable to participation in fitness training or research 17
 Not stated 9
Other 11
 Not given medical clearance 2
 Missed (not screened) 6
  Consented to participate then withdrew prior to randomisation
Moved interstate (1), returned to work (1), new onset knee pain (1)