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Table 1 Demographic and Clinical Data of Isolated Spinal Aneurysms (2011–2019)

From: An isolated ruptured spinal aneurysm presents with a thalamic Infarct: case report

No. Author/Year Age/Sex Co-morbidities Location Initial Presentation Imaging Findings Treatment Outcome
1 Iihoshi 2011 [17] 60/F - T11 Headache, back pain, nausea Spinal and Intracranial SAH Conservative Resolution
2 Kim 2012 [3] 52/M Right acoustic neuroma, HTN, Meningoencephalitis T7 Abdominal pain, headache, back pain radiating to LE T7 Intradural extramedullary enhancing lesion Embolization Resolution
3 Shankar 2012 [18] 72/F - L2 Back pain radiating to LE T12-L1 Lesion Embolization Improved
4 Takashima 2012 [19] 84/M - C1 Quadriplegia Intramedullary C1 Hematoma N/A Death from respiratory dysfunction
5 Tanweer 2012 [20] 67/F HTN, Atrial Fibrillation T11 Back pain, Acute paraplegia and sensory loss Spinal and Intracranial SAH Embolization Improved
6 Seerangan 2012 [21] 47/M Intracranial aneurysms, ESRD, ADPKD T7-T10 Lower extremity weakness, bowel/bladder disturbances Intracranial and Spinal SAH Resection Minimal Recovery
7 Sato 2012 [22] 67/F HTN, Dyslipidemia T8 and T10 Acute back pain, paraparesis T8 and T10 intradural masses, spinal infarction, spinal SAH Conservative Resolution
8 Van Es 2013 [23] 62/F None T12 Headache, back pain, walking difficulty Spinal SAH Resection -
9 Van Es 2013 [23] 68/M - T4 Intrascapular back pain radiating to lumbar region, Headache, Nausea T4 Hyperdense nodular lesion Conservative (patient refusal) Resolution
10 Marovich 2013 [24] 58/M None   Cervico-thoracic back pain C8-T6 Extradural Hemorrhagic Lesion Resection -
11 Yang 2013 [25] 47/M - ASA-cervical region Neck Pain Cranial SAH, IVH, ASA aneurysm Conservative Death from End-Stage Bile Duct Cancer
12 Son 2013 [26] 45/F None L1 Headache, back pain, nausea Spinal and Intracranial SAH Conservative Resolution
13 Santana-Ramirez 2013 [27] 1/F - C3-C6 Quadriparesis, neck pain C3-C6 intramedullary lesion Resection Improved
14 Pahl 2014 [28] 43/F None Cervi-medullary junction Headache and vomiting Intracranial SAH, IVH Conservative Resolution
15 Romero 2014 [29] 37/F - T4 Thoracic/cervical pain, headache Spinal and Intracranial SAH Conservative Resolution
16 Romero 2014 [29] 72/F HTN, DM, CRF T10 Cervical pain, headache, neck stiffness Spinal and Intracranial SAH Conservative Improved
17 Bell 2014 [30] 68/F - T5 Severe back pain Thoracic intradural lesion and lumbar SAH Resection -
18 Johnson 2015 [31] Teenager/- None C5-C6 Headache, neck pain, nausea C5-C6 enhancing nodular lesion Resection Resolution
19 Ronchetti 2015 [32] 51/F - T1-T4 Neck pain, headache, bilateral leg numbness, difficulty walking Thoracic extramedullary hemorrhage Resection Resolution
20 Ronchetti 2015 [32] 68/M - T1 Mid-back pain radiating to neck Intracranial SAH, Cervico-Thoracic SAH Embolization Resolution
21 Sung 2015 [33] 74/M HTN, Ischemic Heart Disease T1 Chest pain radiating to neck/back Intracranial and Spinal SAH Resection Resolution
22 Horio 2015 [1] 84/M Right Thalamic Infarct T12 Left Hemiplegia Spinal SAH Resection Improved
23 Takata 2016 [34] 72/F None T9 Acute back pain T4-T10 SAH Resection Resolution
24 Doberstein 2016 [35] 59/M Parkinson’s, T-cell lymphoma T11 Back spasms, walking difficulty T6-L2 Hyperintensity Conservative Resolution
25 Ikeda 2016 [36] 54/M - T10 Severe back pain, vomiting Spinal SDH and SAH Resection Resolution
26 Hill 2016 [37] 53/M HBV, HCV T9 Paraplegia C7-T1 intradural lesion Resection Death from medical complications
27 Roka 2016 [38] 30/F None Cervical ASA Headache, vomiting, vertigo IVH Conservative Resolution
28 Kogan 2017 [39] 58/F - T2 Headache radiating to neck and upper back, nausea, vomiting T1-T5 hyperintensity Resection Resolution
29 Dabus 2018 [9] 60 s/- - Cervico-medullary Junction Headache and neck pain SAH Conservative Resolution
30 Dabus 2018 [9] 30 s/- - Cervical Back Pain SAH Conservative Resolution
31 Dabus 2018 [9] 60 s/- - Mid-Thoracic Back pain and LE paresthesia Intramedullary Hemorrhage Conservative Resolution
32 Dabus 2018 [9] 50 s/- - Lower Thoracic Back pain and LE paresthesia SDH Conservative Resolution
33 Aljuboori 2018 [40] 78/M HTN, PVD, HLD, CAD T9 Acute Back Pain, LE weakness T9 aneurysm, cord compression Resection Resolution
34 Aguilar-Salinas 2018 [41] 54/F HTN T10 Headache, back pain, nausea, vomiting Spinal SAH with cord compression Conservative Improved
35 Ren 2018 [42] 57/F N/A C1 Severe headache Intracranial SAH Resection Resolution
36 Ren 2018 [42] 27/F N/A L1 Bilateral LE pain/numbness Lesion at Conus Medullaris Resection Resolution
37 Morozumi 2018 [43] 9/M None C7-T1 Back pain, paralysis C7-T1 Lesion with hemorrhage Resection Resolution
38 Simon-Gabriel 2018 [44] 65/M HTN, Hypercholesterolemia, Tachyarrhythmia Cranio-cervical ASA Neck stiffness SAH with tamponade of 4th ventricle Flow diverting stent Resolution
39 Priola 2019 [45] 54/F None T3 Upper thoracic back pain radiating to neck and head Cervico-thoraco-lumbar spine Hematomas Resection Resolution
  1. *HTN Hypertension, DM Diabetes Mellitus, CRF Chronic Renal Failure, ESRD End Stage Renal Disease, ADPKD Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, PVD Peripheral Vascular Disease, HLD Hyperlipidemia, CAD Coronary Artery Disease, HBV Hepatitis B Virus, HCV Hepatitis C Virus, LE Lower Extremities, SAH Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, IVH Intraventricular Hemorrhage, ASA Anterior Spinal Artery
  2. Search Strategy:
  3. • Google scholar: isolated AND spinal AND aneurysm
  4. • Date range: 2011–2019
  5. • 990 results reviewed