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Table 2 Description of subscales and items included in the CRS-R scale

From: The influence of the CRS-R score on functional outcome in patients with severe brain injury receiving early rehabilitation

Subscale   Item
Auditory function scale 4: Consistent movement to commanda
3: Reproducible movement to commanda
2: Localization to sound
1: Auditory startle
0: None
Visual function scale 5 Object recognitiona
4 Object localization: Reachinga
3 Visual pursuita
2 Fixationa
1 Visual startle
0 None
Motor function scale 6 Functional object useb
5 Automatic motor responsea
4 Object manipulationa
3 Localization of noxious stimulia
2 Flexion withdrawal
1 Abnormal posturing
0 None /Flaccid
Oromotor/verbal function scale 3 Intelligible verbalizationa
2 Vocalization/oral movement
1 Oral reflexive movement
0 None
Communication scale 2 Functional: accurateb
1 Nonfunctional: intentionala
0 None
Arousal scale 3 Attention
2 Eye opening without stimulation
1 Eye opening with stimulation
  0 Unarousable
  1. Note. aItem denotes MCS; bItem denotes eMCS