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Table 3 Clinical features of 11 recurrent ipsilateral hemorrhages in the same target anastomotic territory involved in the initial hemorrhage

From: Recurrent hemorrhage risk associated with medial target medullary artery anastomosis from the periventricular collateral vessel in adult patients with moyamoya disease

Case Hemorrhagic Type Target Anastomotic Territory Target Vessel Interval (mo)
1 IVH Posterior internal frontal artery (medial) ChA 5
2 IVH Paracentral artery (medial) ChA 10
3 IVH Paracentral artery (medial) and central artery (lateral) ChA 2
4 IVH Superior internal parietal artery (medial) ChA 10
5 ICH + IVH Paracentral artery (medial) ChA 49
6 IVH Superior internal parietal artery (medial) ChA 1
7 IVH Paracentral artery (medial) ChA 5
8 ICH Central artery (lateral) ChA 47
9 ICH + IVH Paracentral artery (medial) ChA 14
10 IVH Central artery (lateral) LSA 59
11 ICH + SAH Central artery (lateral) LSA 1
  1. ICH intracerebral hemorrhage, IVH intraventricular hemorrhage, SAH subarachnoid hemorrhage, ChA choroidal artery, LSA lenticulostriate artery