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Table 4 Clinical features of 5 recurrent ipsilateral hemorrhages in a target anastomotic territory different from that involved in the initial hemorrhage

From: Recurrent hemorrhage risk associated with medial target medullary artery anastomosis from the periventricular collateral vessel in adult patients with moyamoya disease

Case Hemorrhagic Type Target Anastomotic Territory (Initial/Recurrent) Target Vessel (Initial/Recurrent) Interval (mo)
1 IVH Central artery (lateral)/ Paracentral artery (medial) ChA/ ChA 4
2 IVH Precentral artery (lateral)/ Paracentral artery (medial) ChA/ ChA 12
3 IVH Deep white matter/ Central artery (lateral) ChA/ ChA 58
4 ICH + IVH Anterior parietal artery (lateral)/ Angular gyrus artery (lateral) ChA/ ChA 1
5 ICH + IVH Angular gyrus artery (lateral)/ Central artery (lateral) ThA/ LSA 25
  1. ICH intracerebral hemorrhage, IVH intraventricular hemorrhage, ChA choroidal artery, LSA lenticulostriate artery, ThA thalamic artery