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Table 2 Construct/criterion validity of the Polish version of MSISQ-15 – correlation of the MSISQ-15 scores with the PISQ-31 scores in women and IIEF-15 scores in men

From: The Multiple Sclerosis Intimacy and Sexuality Questionnaire (MSISQ-15): translation, adaptation and validation of the Polish version for patients with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury

  Test Re-test
r p-value Number of patients r p-value Number of patients
MSISQ-15 versus IIEF-15 −0.487 < 0.001 133 −0.456 < 0.001 133
MSISQ-15 versus PISQ-31 −0.709 < 0.001 94 −0.688 < 0.001 94